Just Stop

I recently read “The Catcher In The Rye” by JD Salinger. It had been on a pile of books I had been meaning to get to for years. It may be a literary classic but for me it was terrible. Besides appreciating that the writing style may have been in contrast to the typical style when it was produced I found nothing enjoyable about it. I thought to myself many times that if I were in the presence of Holden Caufield I would leave the conversation. 

And yet I continued to read the book.

In the beginning it was just to see where the story was going to progress to. After I realized it was going nowhere I was interested in I continued solely for the purpose of finishing it. I actually made a commitment to myself that I would finish all 216 pages.


That is a good question as it was obviously bringing me no joy in my life. It may be some deep rooted ethic to finish what you start but I’ve abandoned projects in the past. Perhaps I didn’t want to think of myself as someone who doesn’t finish things.

Fast forward to this morning.

I was listening to a guided meditation on reconnecting to your inner child. I found the instructor a bit abrasive and the style of visual guidance not one that I usually respond to. I continued listening regardless. Finally midway through I realized I wasn’t enjoying this and therefore getting nothing from it. I turned it off and moved on.

Too many times in life we find ourselves in a situation that isn’t pleasurable and yet we fail to remove ourselves. Granted sometimes this isn’t an option (like a tiresome work meeting) but most times we feel this undue obligation.

How many bad movies have you sat through. How many bad meal did you finish?

We need to think more highly of ourselves and when possible not subject ourselves to things that aren’t making us happy. 

Originally published on meatitate.com


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