I’ve tried my hand at juggling a few times. I know the basic mechanics of juggling two or three objects. I’ve never applied myself enough to every get good at it but I know how to do it.

Now if you asked me to juggle four, five or six objects I couldn’t do it.

I feel like that’s where I am in my life currently. Trying to juggle seven things and not doing a very good job of it. Those first three – dead on. The last four – not so much.

Perhaps I need to go back to basics.

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Going into the 10th frame of the last game of the night we were down by 51 pins and I was the last bowler. I had a strike in the 9th frame which meant the most I could score would be 60 pins. I needed to throw two strikes in a row and at least two pins on my third throw to win.

I threw three strikes and we one the game by 9 pins.

Now that win only gave us 2 points out of 7 for the night which in the grand scheme of things isn’t much but at least we didn’t get shut out. More importantly it was gratifying to know that when the “pressure” is on I don’t completely buckle underneath it which is quite gratifying to know.

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Being An Artist

Contrary to many around me I find being an artist really easy.

I find being focused and disciplined insanely difficult though.

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I realized this morning after another round of “Brain Yoga” which I was doing while taking a break from reading a quasi self help book (“Every tool’s a hammer” by Adam Savage) which I do when I’m not taking online courses (currently in the middle of a Leadership and Management course) that I may have a bit of an obsession with learning new things.

And run on sentences – I have an obsession with them too.

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So I finally listened to Nevermind by Nirvana the other day. I know – you don’t have to say it. It came out in September 1991 and sold over 30 million records worldwide and I never heard it in its entirety. Obviously I knew the big hits but never gave it a listen. I tend to have an aversion to anything really popular which was largely the reason but I ca’t say I ever found Nirvana that amazing.

Regardless, it’s a good album but it got me thinking; how many other really successful albums had I never listened to?

So I went on Wikipedia and looked up the list of best-selling albums. For the top 10 I was ok – I had listened to 5 them. 50% is pretty good considering that we are talking about every genre of music. When I expanded it to the top 75 I dropped down to 33% having only listened to 23 – 25 on the list (there’s a couple I’m not sure if I have listened to in their entirety).

I guess 33% is pretty good but then I thought I would listen to all of them and get to 100% – and then thought better of it after I realized a lot of them I had no interest in which is why I had never listened to them in the first place.

33% is pretty good.

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Like A Hole In The Head

Merriam-Webster defines “like a hole in the head” as

: not at all – used with need to say someone doesn’t at all need something

But without holes in your head you wouldn’t be able to eat, drink, hear or breath so I would say that this is a stupid saying and we need stupid sayings like we need a hole in the head.

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I’ve been finding it hard to get back to consistent writing here because I’ve been writing outside of here. I guess the good thing is I’m still writing but I start beating myself up if I haven’t posted here in a while. It’s not that I think you all are waiting patiently for the next nugget of “wisdom” I’m about to bestow on the world but more because I know the longer I’m away the easier it is for me to stay away. I’m really good of not getting back into the swing of things which I limps I’ve mentioned before and I’m sure others feel the same way.

That’s why I just have to get back on whenever I fall off and keep going. A one day streak is still a streak.

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