Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

Little known fact: waterfalls don’t actually move. They stay in the same place, only the water moves. So you don’t have to chase them – they’ll always be right where they are.

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You probably have a lot of triggers in your life. Little things around you that can radically change your mood either for better or worse. Certain people can ruin your day just by existing in your presence and certain songs can pull you out of a slumps. Let’s talk about the latter.

I got introduced to the Music of Annette Hanshaw through an animated musical comedy/drama by Nina Paley called “Sita Sings The Blues”. The majority of the soundtrack used the music of Hanshaw and I became hooked. Her career spanned from the mid 1920’s to late 1930’s and there’s a lot of material to go back to.

The things about Annette Hanshaw is her music immediately puts me in a good mood. If I’m really annoyed all I have to do is put on “Daddy Won’t You Please Come Home” or “I Got A Feeling I’m Falling” and I get a temporary reprieve.

You find a lot of her work as well as “Sita Sings The Blues” for free on

That’s all.

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I had lunch with a friend of mine yesterday and we both agreed that his lifestyle can be considered excessive. He eats well, he drinks well, he attends a lot of events, he always has a story. It’s part of the reason I get along so well with him. He enjoys life and tries to get as much out of it as possible.

On the flip side I know people who do very little in life. They may go out to eat once in a while (only to avoid cooking) but beyond that there’s not much else to their existence worth telling.

So at the end of the day I think I would rather look back on a life that others felt was excessive rather than one that was unmemorable.

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Perfection is hard to achieve and is usually not attainable. People spend a lot of time trying to be perfect and feeling depressed when they aren’t. I used to strive for a high level of perfectionism until I realized it was better just to strive to do the best I could and be ok with the results.

That being said, last I was bowling and was having a really good game. Strike after strike. Even when I was slightly off I still managed another strike. It takes 12 strikes in a row throw a perfect 300 games. I’ve never done it before. Last night I threw 10 in a row and finished out with a 289 which beats my previous high score by one pin.

Looks like perfection has alluded me again but I’m ok with that.

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If I drink water while having alcoholic beverages I not only sleep better but wake up feeling better. I tell myself this every time. Success rate is about 4%.

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Consistency is a big thing with me. There are certain things I do and certain ways I act that I try to maintain everyday. This week my schedule got thrown off and therefore my routine got thrown off and I ended up forgetting to do a couple of things one day. These are things I do everyday so I like having the track record of having done them for quite a while. In the grand scheme of things these two items I forgot to do aren’t that important but it still bothers me. Fortunately I know to get right back on track and keep going.

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What Came First The Artist or The Attire?

I have a day gig in a corporate environment but work in a “creative” role. I do design work and manage a print shop so there’s never really a need for me to be in stuffy suit and tie type attire. That being said, my choices of business casual wear is a bit more on the colorful side. I also tend to change up my hair styles and color periodically.

So a client stopped by to pick up a project and asked if I dress/look the way I do because I work in a creative role. As if that was the catalyst of my personality and I adapted my persona based on the job I got. I replied that maybe I got this job because of my personality and that I had always been a creative person.

I did find it an odd suggestion though. But the more I thought about it I imagined there have been times in my life where I did dress a “part” for the position I was in. So maybe it wasn’t such an absurd question after all . Maybe if I was younger and new in a position I would adapt to that role or perhaps at 48 years old I find dressing how I want, albeit appropriately for the situation, is just more enjoyable to me.

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