Making Friends

If you’re in NYC and go to the American Museum of Natural History (which I highly recommend) make sure you go through the Butterfly Conservatory. It’s small and an additional charge but worth it.

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Instant Regression

Whenever I go to the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum I always have to visit the Enterprise. I was such a Space Shuttle nerd as a kid. I would watch every takeoff and landing and had a schematic poster of the shuttle Columbia on my wall. As soon as I see it I’m 10 years old again.

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The Perils of Repetition

I’ve been working on a one-minute long video all week. There’s been re-shoots and additional recording sessions. I’ve designed a logo. I’ve tweaked every second of video and scrutinized every line of audio. Every day for around two hours a day I play and re-play and rewind and re-play to the point where I am absolutely sick of watching and hearing it.

It’s just about done so the torture is almost over but that kind of repetition can’t be good for your overall mental health.

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And in the end

After rushing around this morning to pack up paintings to I need to deliver today I manage to get out on time only to find that my local coffee shop can’t get their front door open so I’m denied my morning coffee and I rush to catch my train which gets announced as running six minutes late which affords me the opportunity to rush over to the Mexican bakery close by and get an acceptable replacement coffee before rushing back to the train platform with packed up paintings, a cup of coffee and two minutes to spare.

So in the end it all works out even if not the way you originally planned it.

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A different perspective.

I love to stand at the back of the train and watch where I’ve come from.

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Industrial Sunrise

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I’m not a fan of letting a calendar date dictate the change in seasons.

Some might say the summer ended after Labor Day. Some might say it was September 22nd. I prefer letting nature tell me.

I believe that’s the first sign that autumn is coming.

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