Relax Your Face

So the other morning I’m doing my morning meditation. I listen to a lot of the same ones but I tend to mix it up. They always want you to relax a part of the body. Relax the top your head,  relax your eyes, relax your jaw, relax your shoulders and that’s always fine. I don’t have a problem with that whatsoever.

But I was doing up a new meditation that I hadn’t done before, new instructor, and they said to relax “relax your face” and I immediately kind of got slightly defensive. I just wasn’t relaxing at all; it was just like “RELAX YOUR FACE” and I kind of took it like the old schoolyard threat from when I was younger with “shut your face” which was a thing that was said. 

I start thinking about that. I found it very interesting because words have such weight and I know if we’re talking about profanity or derogatory terms people can be more offended by those or it can rub them the wrong way very quickly. But “relax your face”,  I mean that’s just that’s just simple. There’s nothing offensive about it but yet my body reacted to it that way and got me really thinking about the power of words and how you can have just simple everyday words that cannot necessarily be offensive per se, but maybe people just aren’t comfortable with or don’t like. 

I’ve met quite a few people in my life that don’t like the word moist; I don’t know why. I know somebody who hates the combination of the words chill and relax into to chillax. It’s harmless. It doesn’t mean anything but it can create this reaction within us when we hear certain words that we don’t like. The funny thing to me is that when we find out what that word is to somebody else, and not always, but instead of being nice and saying I just won’t use that word we tend to be jerks about it. We tend to make fun of somebody and we tend to use the word more frequently around them just to kinda get under their skin. I don’t know why we do that. It doesn’t really make sense to me.

So think about that. Think about words. Think about the power of words and be mindful of the words that you’re using around other people because they may not be words that they are particularly fond of. And if you find out that somebody is not fond of a particular word be conscious of that, be mindful of that, and try not using that word.

That’s just my thought for the day, just something I was thinking about. I hope you have a great day today.

This is a transcription from a video post which can be found on my @meatitate social media sites


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