Renaissance Man


  1. a person with many talents or areas of knowledge.

I periodically like to think of myself as a renaissance man because I have a vast array skills acquired by my never ending need to learn new things. However, lately I’ve been questioning my own identity as I find that I pull myself in so many different directions to the point there is no longer a clear definitive entity.

It would be one things if I tried new things and abandoned them if they weren’t meaningful. The issue is I enjoy so many things that each one suffers in a way as it gets pushed to the side for another.

Perhaps I’m not supposed to have one clear cut identity and who I am is a dabbler in many things. If that were the case knowing so would alleviate some of the guilt of not following through with certain things in a timely fashion.

It definitely is an identity crisis of a sort although not a terrible one.


About Sean White

A self-made minus-millionaire.
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