Not twins

I essentially sit in the same spot on the train every morning on my way to work so I tend to see the same people all the time. So one day a rather large guy sat down close by. He was distinguishable not only by his size but also by his attire. He was wearing athletic clothing – shorts, sleeveless t-shirt, sneakers and baseball cap. He also had on large over the ear headphone and his beard was fairly scruffy. This is his basic outfit whenever I see him.

A short time later he came on and sat in the same spot in a nice suit. His beard had been trimmed and his headphones had been replace with smaller wireless earbuds. And I thought to myself – he cleaned up rather nicely.

But he would flipped back and forth between the two looks. I see that occasionally. Sometimes you need to dress up for a client meeting and other times not so I didn’t really give it too much thought.

That is until the other day when both men got on at the same train station and sat down next to me and I realized this entire time it was two different people.

I could say in fairness to me they are roughly the same size and ethnic background and looking at them side by side the do have similar facial features and if you were to have the two of them in a police line up it would be understandable if you got them confused – but really I just feel a bit stupid for not actually have noticed it wasn’t the same person.

Perhaps I need to start paying better attention.


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A self-made minus-millionaire.
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