Tell It

So when I started writing consistently again the idea was that I would just write about whatever was in my head at the time that I sat down at the keyboard. I can definitely be the type of person who overthinks things and this is a problem for me when I write. I am a notorious self-editor while writing and therefore a lot of times the idea just never gets down in its purest form ever.

So while I’ve been up for a while now and ideas have been coming to me I really feel compelled to write about the first thing that was in my head when I work up.

“Tell It To My Heart” by Taylor Dayne

Why was that there? Did I hear it on the radio yesterday? Does my heart subconsciously need telling to? No idea. Just a typical ear worm that lasted for a while until it was replaced by something else.

Here’s a link to the video if you’re unfamiliar with the song.

If by chance I’ve not gotten this song stuck in your head I half heartedly apologize. While it is pure pop I do love the keyboard solo.

Perhaps I can move on to Jon Secada now.


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