Here’s my problem with Mondays – almost everyone seems to hate them. They use them as the barometer of how they’re doing in life.

Me: How are you?

Them: It’s Monday

The reality is the day of the week has nothing to do with it. If they were on vacation Monday is pretty good because it’s the beginning and Friday is less great because it’s towards the end. They don’t hate the day they hate the fact that they’re starting a new work week and they have five days of it ahead of them. It’s easier just to chalk everything up to Monday than explain all the reasons why you would rather be anywhere else except at our job.

That is why I find work / life balance so important. I don’t wait for the weekends to do things I enjoy and therefore I don’t feel an undying need to get to the weekend. Sure I would rather be working on my own endeavors full time and not commuting 3.5 hours a day and working in a corporate environment but the reality is no one is paying me for my own endeavors (yet).

Enjoy your Monday. Perhaps when you get home you can take a small amount of time to do something you enjoy doing before you need to make dinner or put the kids to bed or finish grading those papers or do the laundry you didn’t get to or any of the other things we feel like we have to do.


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A self-made minus-millionaire.
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