Working From Home

I’m working from home today as I had an appointment in the afternoon and I’m just not a fan, of the working from home that is – the appointment was fine. I know a lot of people who enjoy it, my wife being one of them, but I find it disruptive to my day.

I have a fairly regimented routine during the week. Everything runs smoothly and I get a fair amount accomplished before I even make it to my desk (like writing this blog) but that goes out the window when I stay home. I still manage to get everything done but it takes longer and gets spread out. I find I start working earlier and I have less time for myself even though I’m not having to commute.

The biggest problem is that I don’t have a comfortable work environment suited to my paycheck professional working. All of my other endeavors I’ve created spaces for but not for doing my “job”. So therefore I spend the day just feeling uncomfortable and off. I’m still productive and get my work done but it’s not as enjoyable or as enjoyable as it gets working.

You might ask “Why don’t you just create a comfortable work environment?” And the answer would be – because I don’t care enough. I only work from home once or twice a month and it’s not worth it to me to change things up for such a small amount of time.

So I’ll continue to do it but I know I’ll never really become the work from home advocate I know so many other people to be.


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A self-made minus-millionaire.
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