And yet…

I drive a Jeep Wrangler with a soft top which I never lock the doors on because you can unzip the windows and get in if you want to so why would I bother trying to make it more difficult and run the risk of having the windows broken? So being that it’s left completely wide open all the time I never leave anything of any value inside.

And yet, I still feel violated when someone comes in and takes whatever is there.

That’s what happened last night. When I got back to the truck and opened the door someone had clearly been inside. The center console was open and they had popped open the glove compartment which I’m not even sure why I locked because there’s nothing inside of it besides a few napkins and the owners manual.

So the big score entailed a pair of reading glasses, a pair of driving glasses, a bandana and a wood chisel I had found in the street a year ago. Total net worth: about $17.

At least they left the corkscrew. I would have been upset had they taken that.


About Sean White

A self-made minus-millionaire.
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