“Someone three rows ahead of me is wearing the same shirt with the martini glasses on it. I believe I’m wearing it better.”

I texted that yesterday during my morning commute.

I was wearing a white short sleeved shirt with little black martini glasses which each had a small teal colored olive in it. I combined it with a pair of teal colored pants which matched the olives perfectly and a pair black shoes. The other gentleman was taller than I am and the shirt didn’t fit as well (it was baggy around the waist). He also had ill fitting khakis and brown shoes which were not horrible but not my style.

I still stand behind the fact that I was wearing it better.

I got off the train, jumped on my bike and got not even a block away before my right pedal clipped a plastic barricade throwing the bike off balance and sending me down hard into the pavement (bike and rider are both fine although the rider has a scrapped up knee and a nice gash on his leg). The martini shirt ended up with dirt all over it and the perfectly matched (in my opinion) pants may not recover from the fall.

Now who was wearing it better?

Later I questioned whether or not I had actually clipped the barricade or if karma decided to smacked me off the bike for being vain and judgmental. Until the wounds heal I’ll have reminders to try to be a bit better about that.


About Sean White

A self-made minus-millionaire.
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