I hate when I see an old homeless man who looks like Santa Claus. It make me think he couldn’t compete with the Amazons And Wal-Marts of the world. Oddly enough I never see any homeless people that look like elves.

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I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder if people try to make things more complicated on purpose or if they really think they’re going about things in the most efficient manner.

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Two Hours

I’m covering a late shift this week so my schedule is moved by a few hours on the front end to compensate. Instead of leaving my house at 6:00 a.m. I’m leaving closer to 8:30 a.m. and I have to say that’s quite a difference. The biggest difference is the amount of people and cars all over the place. I’m not used to it. I’m used to having the road essentially all to myself. I can’t say I’m a fan.

It really is amazing how much of a difference a few hours can make.

It’s only for four days so it all be back to normal soon.

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I recently have gotten reacquainted with an album from 1991 that I hadn’t listen to in quite some time. One particular song that I never really cared for then began to resonated with me now.

As I delved into the lyrics more and understood it better I became obsessed with it listening to it over and over.

I was 20 years old when it came out and couldn’t grasp the concept of it back then which is why it was a throwaway track for me. Periodically it’s good to revisit the past to know and understand where you’ve come from.

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Do You Really Want To Know What I’m Thinking?

It seems to me that more recently I’m surrounded by people who tell me I need to be more “zen” if I voice my options or are curious to know what’s wrong if I don’t.

I don’t think I’m interested in making my thoughts more palatable for the sake of their own comfortability.

You either get who I am honestly and truthfully or we can pretend.

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Neo fo hoste yads

I’m just having one of those mornings where every time I try speaking all the letters come out jumbled and create new words. So far no one else seems to be picking up on it and I’m fairly certain it’s not a neurological condition so perhaps I’ll just steer clear of conversation for a while.

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Paper Airplanes

I feel like everything I’ve been writing lately has been on the heavier side which started making wonder if I’m brooding way too much. So to avoid becoming the Bruce Wayne of bloggers let’s lighten the mood.

Every work day my team and I do the word jumble in the newspaper at the same time. CS usually wins, I’m usually second and KP is last. CS is quite smart and English is KP’s second language so this makes sense. Sometimes I’m first and sometimes I’m last. It’s just a fun thing that we do together as a group.

Afterwards I take my copy and make a paper airplane. I’ve gotten pretty good at making them at this point. I probably make around 150 paper airplanes a year. I’ve also gotten fairly good at throwing them too. There is a technique to all of this. Usually there are a few airplanes left over from previous days and there may end up being a paper airplane dogfight for a while.

Eventually we have to get back to work but its always a welcomed break and a nice impromptu bit of team building.

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