Ebb & Flow

I talk often about maintaining balance in your life. It’s incredibly difficult to do but today I realized why.

You don’t know what’s happening next.

If there was some kind of way of knowing what the next 20 years of your life would hold in store for you it would be incredibly easy. You would know when to work harder and when you should relax. But we don’t know.

I led a workshop recently about “Going With The Flow” and it all makes perfect sense. I can explain to you all the things that you should do to and how to just go with what life gives you. The reality is all of it could be completely wrong depending on how life plays out.

So my question now is what’s the right way? If you can’t know what’s going to happen do you even bother worrying about it? Do you just live in the best possible manner because there is no way of knowing? The answer is probably yes but I can also envision a scenario many years from now where there is a certain level of regret for maybe not doing things differently when you had the chance.

Is all of this really vague? It is. I know that. I have a friend going through something insanely traumatic that just has me thinking and thinking and thinking. This is how I process things.

Hopefully there is enough here for you to take and think about.


About Sean White

A self-made minus-millionaire.
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