Before this year I can’t say that I really thought much about gratitude. Sure I was happy for things I had and the people in my life but there was a certain indifference to it. It was along the lines of the old saying, you don’t know what you got until it’s gone, and as long as things and people were well I didn’t give it much thought.

And then we went into lockdown this year.

When I stopped going into the office in mid-March I started having a lot of free time in the morning I didn’t previously have. I only took a small amount of time in the morning to put towards mindfulness and now without an almost two-hour commute I started devoting more time as part of my new morning routine.

Although I tend to vary up my practices every morning as I can get bored easily, early on I started doing gratitude practices more and more. With everything that was going on it was easy to lose sight of every thing good in my life.

I started with things that I generally did give much thought to: I was healthy, I was working, I had a house, I had my wife and my dogs. These seem like really basic things but at the time people were getting sick and dying at an alarming rate, losing their jobs and their income. It was good for me to put my life in perspective to what was going on around me.

As the pandemic has continued and quarantine fatigue has set in I think it is easy to start losing sight of what is important again. I did lose my job but it has afforded me the opportunity to begin the health coaching practice I started working towards last year. I still have my health and house and wife and dogs. Everyone in my immediate circle is still alive and healthy and safe.

I no longer take these things for granted thanks to my practice.

You’ll find that once you start looking at things in a positive manner you’ll start doing it more and more. Studies show that practicing gratitude for as little as two minutes a day can have great overall benefits and actually changes the molecular structure of the brain. It can boost serotonin and dopamine levels which not only help how we feel but also help with our sleep and digestion.

During this Thanksgiving week think of things you are grateful for every morning. If you would like some help with this I will be holding a free 45-minute open discussion on Gratitude this Thursday at 8:30 a.m. Email me at if you would like to register.

Enjoy your holiday. Be well.

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