To-Do Lists

Creating a to-do list is an easy way to organize your day. I like to finish my work day by creating a list of tasks that I need to work on for the following day so I can be ready to go when I start in the morning and not have to figure out what I need to be working on. It affords me the opportunity to prioritize tasks and be as efficient as I can.

That got me thinking about “to-do” items.

In life there are things that we have to-do and things that we want to-do. However, if you look at your to-do lists they usually only include the things you feel that you have to-do and never any of the items that you want to-do.

This demonstrates how often we set our own wants as a priority. Our work / life balance should be as balanced as possible as it can be but we don’t always set ourselves up for success for that.

When you write out your to-do list add at least one item that you want to-do. It doesn’t have to be anything big. It can be “go for a walk”, “read for fifteen minutes”, “dance to a favorite song”, “enjoy a cup of tea” – anything that brings you pleasure and will provide a little break in your day.

Having it written out as an action item to address will ensure that you will either do it or acknowledge that you aren’t taking time out for yourself.

Start making yourself a priority in your own life. You’ll thank yourself for it.

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