The Problem With Early Voting

This presidential election has been going on way too long. The first “major” candidate filed on July 28, 2017. That’s not a typo – 2017. That’s 18 months from the time Donald Trump took office. From there is just went all kinds of crazy.

There were 29 major candidates (that’s too many) ands per Wikipedia there were over 1,200 candidates who filed with the FEC (that’s just ludicrous). So now that we’re only a week away I have severe election fatigue. I just want it over and done with.

In my states it is all pretty much mail-in voting which I have done already. I submitted my application for a ballot in August and voted on October 7th. I am all done!

But this election cycle isn’t.

So there’s been debates and twin halls and attack ads and 60 Minutes interviews and news stories and on and on and on.

But I voted already.

So that’s what I don’t like about early voting. I used to vote on my way into work at 6:00 a.m. and then within 24 hours I knew the results. This year I voted almost a month early and probably won’t even know the results for another month after the election.

Please get out and vote if you can and haven’t already. It is very important. I’m just tired of it all and can’t wait for it to be over.


About Sean White

A self-made minus-millionaire.
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