I was doing the dishes the other morning and their was a stamp on the bottom of the bowl that read Homer Laughlin China. First first thought was “this shitty little bowl is considered china?” But then it occurred to me that really my first thought after seeing the word China was that it was made in China.

So then I thought about all of the different ideas we have about China. Which is the first that springs to mind for you:

1 – The place where a majority of good are made really inexpensively
2 – The place that is massively overcrowded and has pollution, civil rights and cleanliness problems.
3 – The place with a long cultured history with beautiful architecture
4 – Fancy dinnerware that never gets taken out for fear of breaking it
5 – That really catchy song by Red Rockers
6 – The origin of COVID-19
7 – The place where Chinese food supposedly comes from

I’m sure there are others but when you look at that list its amazing to see how much disparity there is. Sure the Red Rocker song has nothing to do with the country but the rest of them do.

It’s hard to reconcile the beautiful movements of tai-chi with crappy ill-made toys but isn’t that the same in every country? Progress happens and not always for the better. I’m sure of you take all of the things you like from the list they have their origins in ancient times and all the things you dislike are more modern based – except for the Chinese food which is really Westernized versions.

Perhaps I’m just disenchanted with modernity lately (he says as he types on an iPad). My current situation allows me to get back out into nature more which always improves my overall mood.

What was the purpose of this post? I can’t quite remember. Maybe I’ll just end it here and give you a link to China – by Red Rocker


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