Lawn Mower Repair

Yesterday I did the yard work and put the lawn mower back in the shed when I was finished. I continued doing more things and realized I kept smelling gasoline every time I walked pas the shed. I finally investigated and realized that the lawn mower was now leaking fuel at a severe rate.

I finished everything up and then set upon the task of fixing the lawn mower. Do I know anything about lawn mower repair? Absolutely not. I have however spent a fair amount of time fixing other things so I grabbed my toolkit.

It only took five minutes before I had figured out where the leak was coming from and what needed to be tightened to resolve it. Nice and easy.

But then a thought struck me.

Earlier in the day I had been thinking about how my parents had never really supported me in any direct path in life. I will probably write more about this in a later post. But then as I stood over my achievement of a fixed lawn mower I realized that my father did instill in me the fearless mechanic attitude that I most times possess.

My father was a mechanic so I was brought up around garages and car continuously being repaired. When he was working in the garage fixing trucks for his main job he was working on cars for friends in the garage he rented from our neighbor. This started me down the path of taking things apart and putting them back together even though I never went into that as a profession.

I think the nice thing is also knowing that if something is already broken what’s the worst you can do? Take it apart and remember what order you did everything in and you should be able to put it back.

I do appreciate that I gained that from him. We didn’t always have the best relationship and I’m sure he did the best he could based on what had been provided to him from his parents.

I’m also glad I don’t have to buy a new lawn mower.


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A self-made minus-millionaire.
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