The Cost of Technology

I mentioned yesterday the concept of getting rid of things that don’t bring happiness in your life and what that isn’t always applicable. I realized the references I gave and were thinking about generally pertained to living things and that my opinion on inanimate objects is completely different.

I’m currently watching my iMac, which is not really that old, booting up after having to shut it down in an attempt to get things to work. It has been problematic for quite some time but being that I didn’t use it much I would let it slide. Sure there was the occasional 5 minute job that took a half an hour but it was only once in a while.

Well now I’m starting my own business and working from home and using it a hell of a lot more and it’s become quite problematic. So I bit the bullet last week and ordered a new machine. I should have it next week and I’m hoping it severely reduces a lot of annoyance, frustration and stress that this current one is causing. I actually do more writing on my iPad because it’s generally so much easier to work with.

I realize that technology can get really expensive to replace (I also bought a new iPhone 11 Pro earlier this year) but if it’s something that you’re using all the time it just makes sense to have stuff that actually works. Hopefully I’ll be singing a happier tune once I get the new machine up and running.


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A self-made minus-millionaire.
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