It’s been a while since I wrote last and at that time I using life in quarantine as a preview for the future. Then life changes.

There’s so much going on in the world that I haven’t really been able to process a lot of it in any sort of coherent manner. Thoughts have flown through my head and then right back out before I even have a chance to process them into anything.

As much as I enjoy stream of consciousness writing I still am an over thinker and prefer to have a general outline in my head before I start typing. Usually that outline has ben written and re-written several times before I even sit down at the keyboard.

That may have to change.

There’s just too much going on and spending too much time on one thought ends up being at the sake of several others that never get written down.

I need to make some sense of the confusion in my head and I find that writing it all down helps regardless if anyone (besides you, my faithful followers) reads it or not.

I won’t apologize for any rants because that’s all this world (to me) lately. A series of talking points and frustrations and misunderstandings that we all have to live with.

Does any of this make sense? Perhaps not or perhaps you’re right there with me. Hopefully as I get things out of my head more frequently it will.


About Sean White

A self-made minus-millionaire.
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