I have had a few conversations regarding potential behavioral shifts in people after all this COVID-19 stuff is over. I’m finding it to be quite interesting.

My wife believes that people will change there viewpoints over gatherings and be more conscious of hygiene moving forward. I agree that some will but feel that the majority will revert back to “muscle memory” in a short amount of time.

My mother was reading something about people developing bad habits during this prolonged period of self-isolation. I can see that. I also know it’s easier to slip into bad habits than it is to create good ones so therefore and bad habits created may sustain into the future.

I also feel that people are going to go “crazy” when they are finally able to leave their homes. Personally I think the bars are going to be a nightmare for at least two weeks after we get the all clear.

While this whole thing is terrible for so many people I do believe that it does provide an opportunity for personal growth. Meditation, yoga, online learning are some of the things I’m doing. I’ll also be coaching a client later on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during a work from home environment.

I hope you are using this time productively (provided you are one of the people who actually has gained extra time). Be safe.


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A self-made minus-millionaire.
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