Homeboy Steve

So today I heard about the first person I know who passed from COVID-19. It was a bit of a body blow. I know people that believe they had it but never had the ability of being tested so never confirmed. Being in self-isolation however makes a bit of this not seem real even though you’re hearing about it every day.

This is different. This is tangible fact.

I can’t say we were ever really close. He was a working musician and for 9 years I had a music based podcast. We both supported each other. When I held a benefit concert in 2006 for the Lake Castle School in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina he was the first person to agree to play. When I put out merchandise promoting my show he was the first person to buy a t-shirt. We would often see each other out an about or I would go to see him play. We always had good conversations whenever we were together.

I have nothing but fond memories. He was a good person and my world is less now for him not being in it.


About Sean White

A self-made minus-millionaire.
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