My wife and I are both working from home.

She works in the health insurance sector and is basically slammed with work all day long.

I do graphic design and print production in the financial sector and have very little if any work coming in.

While this whole thing is weird for all of us I’m finding it interesting how some professions are completely inundated and others are looking for things to do.

I know when things get back to “normal” I’m going to have quite the full plate but for now I’m painting and playing piano and watching documentaries while still being paid. I feel a bit guilty. I know people that are out of work and there’s nothing they can do until this is all over. And there’s a chance that their former jobs might not even be available. I can’t begin to comprehend how scary that must feel with everything else going on.

I feel very lucky right now.


About Sean White

A self-made minus-millionaire.
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