Don’t Touch Me

So this morning during my daily meditation my mind wandered as it is prone to do and I started thinking about the current state of the world. Right now everything is in a bit of flux to say the least but we all know it will right itself and everything will return to normal.

This idea has led to a few conversation recently where some people feel like this COVID-19 pandemic will change people and perhaps they will be more mindful about their health and hygiene moving forward. I think those people will be the minority and most people will go back to exactly how they were when this whole thing started.

But that is going to take come time.

My wife works in the healthcare industry and was taking a coronavirus quiz (yes, these things actually exist) and one of the questions was “Which of the following are you more likely to contract the virus?” The answer was having a package delivered as the virus can live on cardboard for up to three days.

So how long after we’re given the “all clear” will we stop viewing everything around us as a potential threat? How long before we just embrace a friend without the initial thought of maybe just an elbow bump? It’ll be a while but I know we’ll get there.

It’s like when I was 24 and had major surgery done as part of my cancer treatment. For a while walking was a chore but then one day while crossing the street a noticed a car coming around the bend and I quickened my pace to a jog. And then I thought “holy shit – I can jog!” It was something that I didn’t realize I could do again until I just did it. I think that’s how all of this is going to play out.

Until then don’t touch me.


About Sean White

A self-made minus-millionaire.
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