Social Distancing

So last night we had a Zoom get together. I was a little weird. I’ve obviously have done video conference calls and FaceTime and the like in the past but this was different. I feel like due to social distancing a lot of people are just craving social interaction. It hasn’t been that long and most people I know have still left their houses to go to the store or take the dog for a walk but it’s like the fact that they can’t hang out makes them want to do it even more.

Isn’t that always the case though? Tell someone they can’t do something any they want to even more.

I on the other hand wish I had even less social contact. I’m at my most productive when no one is around to distract me from getting things done. When I’m force to amuse myself I tend to be the most creative. Already this week I’ve gotten back to recording music and shooting video and writing and cooking.

Don’t get me wrong – I am also a very social person. It’s just not something I crave most of the time. I often think about renting a cabin in the woods and disappearing for a month with only my dogs for company. I could be a hermit. I could be the weird guy from the mountain that comes into town once a month for supplies.

Then again – let’s see what my perspective is in another weeks time.


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