The reality of an extended stay out of the office and the additional time that affords me is starting to set in. Now I’m starting to get the urge to be productive and thinking of all the projects I wanted to do.

On my last day commuting home I was waiting to pull into my station when we started traveling at a very slow speed. We needed to cross over to the other tracks for some reason and had to wait for a northbound train to pass us.

We happened to be along side a park and the trees looked quite beautiful in the afternoon sun. I quickly grabbed my phone and filmed it for a few minutes figuring I could use it for some video project in the future.

As it also happens, there was a melancholy piece of music I have been working on and was playing yesterday again. It’s a short piece and I didn’t really have any plans for it.

I think this afternoon I’m going to put the two of them together and see what happens.


About Sean White

A self-made minus-millionaire.
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