Now What?

At my company all non-critical staff have been requested to work from home. I fall into that category. However, the sheer volume of work coming in and the limitations of being able to connect remotely is affording me with a fair amount of free time.

I thought about starting another round of classes figuring I could get a 2 month long program done in about 2-3 weeks but I really need a bit of a break from academics

I do have some long outstanding things on the (are you ever gonna) to-do list I guess I could take care of.

My problem is I feel there are too many options and then a bit of guilt for not really doing a lot “at work” even though there isn’t much of anything to do.

I guess I’ll start one task at a time and go-slow until a find a rhythm and a balance. It’s always initially difficult when you’re in relatively unchartered waters.


About Sean White

A self-made minus-millionaire.
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