Going into the 10th frame of the last game of the night we were down by 51 pins and I was the last bowler. I had a strike in the 9th frame which meant the most I could score would be 60 pins. I needed to throw two strikes in a row and at least two pins on my third throw to win.

I threw three strikes and we one the game by 9 pins.

Now that win only gave us 2 points out of 7 for the night which in the grand scheme of things isn’t much but at least we didn’t get shut out. More importantly it was gratifying to know that when the “pressure” is on I don’t completely buckle underneath it which is quite gratifying to know.


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1 Response to Gratifying

  1. I was on a bowling team for a year and honestly it can be nerve wracking. It seems funny because it’s bowling. Congrats on the turkey!

    I also tagged you in my Grow the Gratitude Tag over on my blog. 🙂

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