You probably have a lot of triggers in your life. Little things around you that can radically change your mood either for better or worse. Certain people can ruin your day just by existing in your presence and certain songs can pull you out of a slumps. Let’s talk about the latter.

I got introduced to the Music of Annette Hanshaw through an animated musical comedy/drama by Nina Paley called “Sita Sings The Blues”. The majority of the soundtrack used the music of Hanshaw and I became hooked. Her career spanned from the mid 1920’s to late 1930’s and there’s a lot of material to go back to.

The things about Annette Hanshaw is her music immediately puts me in a good mood. If I’m really annoyed all I have to do is put on “Daddy Won’t You Please Come Home” or “I Got A Feeling I’m Falling” and I get a temporary reprieve.

You find a lot of her work as well as “Sita Sings The Blues” for free on

That’s all.


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