What Came First The Artist or The Attire?

I have a day gig in a corporate environment but work in a “creative” role. I do design work and manage a print shop so there’s never really a need for me to be in stuffy suit and tie type attire. That being said, my choices of business casual wear is a bit more on the colorful side. I also tend to change up my hair styles and color periodically.

So a client stopped by to pick up a project and asked if I dress/look the way I do because I work in a creative role. As if that was the catalyst of my personality and I adapted my persona based on the job I got. I replied that maybe I got this job because of my personality and that I had always been a creative person.

I did find it an odd suggestion though. But the more I thought about it I imagined there have been times in my life where I did dress a “part” for the position I was in. So maybe it wasn’t such an absurd question after all . Maybe if I was younger and new in a position I would adapt to that role or perhaps at 48 years old I find dressing how I want, albeit appropriately for the situation, is just more enjoyable to me.


About Sean White

A self-made minus-millionaire.
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