Paper Airplanes

I feel like everything I’ve been writing lately has been on the heavier side which started making wonder if I’m brooding way too much. So to avoid becoming the Bruce Wayne of bloggers let’s lighten the mood.

Every work day my team and I do the word jumble in the newspaper at the same time. CS usually wins, I’m usually second and KP is last. CS is quite smart and English is KP’s second language so this makes sense. Sometimes I’m first and sometimes I’m last. It’s just a fun thing that we do together as a group.

Afterwards I take my copy and make a paper airplane. I’ve gotten pretty good at making them at this point. I probably make around 150 paper airplanes a year. I’ve also gotten fairly good at throwing them too. There is a technique to all of this. Usually there are a few airplanes left over from previous days and there may end up being a paper airplane dogfight for a while.

Eventually we have to get back to work but its always a welcomed break and a nice impromptu bit of team building.


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A self-made minus-millionaire.
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