I generally like dreams. I tend to have an overactive imagination so I can get some pretty interesting one. Like the one more recently where I was by a lake and there were all these rabbits that looked like rabbit / deer hybrids who were floating on the water like ducks and then darting in unison every so often. Or dreams that give you a little insight to where you are subconsciously are quite interesting. But the ones I don’t care for are productive dreams. Let me explain.

I current;y manage a couple of social media accounts and for one of them I had a dream the I curated, created and scheduled four days worth of content. I was pretty much done with a weeks worth of work. I was very proud of myself. But then I woke up and as I’m sure you can guess – nothing was done. I don’t even have the photos to be able to re-create it if I wanted to. I got zilch.

I’m sure if I stop and think about it the dream was trying to tell me something but it’s still a disappointing way of waking up.


About Sean White

A self-made minus-millionaire.
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