Self-preservation or Apathy?

I was in a meeting the yesterday and during the discussion things that annoy me come up. I tend to get a bit fired up about things and this other person implied I should take a more zen like approach to the things that I cannot change and not let them get to me.

I now pretty much have the view point that he doesn’t care.

While I do believe that you shouldn’t let things get to you to the point where it effects your overall well-being, I don’t think you should be apathetic to them. Otherwise you’re just condoning bad behavior. If every David said well there’s no way to defeat every Goliath what kind of world would we be in?

I found a certain irony that this person was telling me this at the same time millions of people were flooding streets making awareness for climate change. I hope none of listen to a person of authority when they tell us not to worry about something or there’s nothing that we can really do. His words may have had the opposite effect of what he was trying to achieve.


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