Have I Done This Before?

So I don’t know where this fits in the timeline of the universe but I want to get to the point from a technology / human hybrid perspective where I can have all the thoughts in my head transferred down to a hard drive for editing. I’m constantly writing and painting and drawing and making music and having conversations and designing in my head. The amount of things I’ve created is insane. I’m fairly certain at this point I could rival Leonard Di Vinci. Unfortunately, it never leaves my head. Or it does once in a while but the vast majority of it stays there. I probably only produce less than 1% f all the content I think about creating.

Case in point. This morning while lying in bed I scripted and directed a five minute video segment for a project I’m developing. But I didn’t write it down or storyboard it so with each passing minute it fades a little bit more from my memory and eventually I will have to re-script it and do everything all over again.

And this is my biggest problem. I’m constantly re-doing/thinking ideas I’ve already done but just never executed.

This blog is meant to be a bit of the catalyst that gets me into a rhythm of getting ideas out but I’m not their yet. Much like everything else in my head it’s a work in progress.


About Sean White

A self-made minus-millionaire.
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