The Right Path

I recently had a conversation with a friend who is having a rough go at life. They took on a new endeavor that landed them in another country and while they were filled with optimism going into it it didn’t pan out well and they were devising their exit plan. It has been a reoccurring theme in their life. They try things out, it doesn’t work for them, they’re miserable so they move on to the next thing. When you’re in your 20’s this is a bit more common place but eventually you find yourself later in life and there’s not a whole lot of stability in your life which is where they are now.

I on the other hand have been working for the same company for almost 26 years now. I’m not going to say I have my dream job that fills me with happiness because it isn’t. I find working in a corporate environment tiresome most of the time. I try to ensure a good work/life balance which helps. What also helps is that I’m at the point where my I have essentially no debt except for my mortgage which is almost paid off. I have money in my bank account and my 401k is doing ok after a quarter of a century of contributions. But I got to this point by trudging through it day after day even when I was completely miserable.

My takeaway from the conversation was that I admire their lack of compromise and refusal to settle and they admits my tenacity and ability to suck up and deal with it.

Who’s right? I have no idea.

I can appreciate the stability I’ve created for myself but at what cost? How much did I miss out on? What other experiences could I have had? Could I possibly have been in my “dream job” for the past 20 years if I would have just said “That’s enough – I’m out of here!”

Hypothetical questions are great rabbit holes to go down in to.

I’m still trying to find my path to happiness and perhaps the one I’m on will lead me to it. Or perhaps I’m on the wrong path and I should made that left turn at Albuquerque. I know that sounds like a depressing thought but being that no one really knows what the purpose of all this is so who’s to say.

I feel like they still have the opportunity to find their path in life and that all of this struggle is just leading them to something. Or perhaps the unhappiness that the ones who trudge through their jobs feel is equivalent to the unhappiness the ones who can’t find their way feel.

I did mention I have no idea right?


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