What I Learned At College

I feel like I’ve been discussing a lot of heavier topics lately so let me lighten the mood with my takeaway on the 2019 College Admissions Bribery Scandal.

I’m not really surprised to learn that people have tried to use their wealth to influence things to their favor. At this point I somewhat expect people to do that because people have been doing it forever.

The main thing I’m thinking about is how horrible these people are at parenting.

Obviously graduating from an Ivy League school carries more weight than from a community college so you could argue that trying to get your child into a prestigious school by any means necessary shows they are thinking about their child’s best interest. But with the amount of money they’ve spent they could have hired tutors and trainers throughout their childs developmental years. Did they not consider that? If they had taken a more active role in their upbringing perhaps these kids could have gotten into these schools on merit alone. And even if they didn’t get into the school they wanted to attend they probably would be better, more productive members of society.

Let’s say that perhaps some of these parents did take an active role and their child wasn’t very athletic or good at academics. I was a smart child you did poorly at school so it’s not out of the realm of possibilities. If you tried doing the right thing their entire lives only to try to scam their way into college then you’ve ruined every lesson taught along the way.

So now we’ll have a reinforced image of spoiled rich kids getting what they want because mommy and daddy will pay for it – good job parenting. Way to make all the parents and students who spent all the time and energy trying to achieve things on merit feel like it doesn’t matter anyway. Thanks for taking away spots for students who actually want to learn, get degrees, do things with their lives besides be another “celebrity” who will keep the circle of depravity going.


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