I post a lot of photos of sunrises here and usually all from the same vantage point. I try to take the same photo on different days. I find it interesting to see the change of colors and clouds and position from day to day. From an artistic perspective they are fascinating to me.

Sunrises aren’t miracles. They happen every day and we know why so by that very definition they’re not miracles. They also aren’t singular. The same sunrise happens a million different ways depending on who is viewing it and where they are viewing it. In a way that does makes them unique to the individual seeing it. I like the thought of that – that the sunrise I am seeing no one else in the world is seeing it.

Has the dawn ever seen your eyes – Greg Lake

I do think they can provide a feeling of hope. A sunrise signals the beginning of a new day and therefore the potential of a new beginning. Today will be different than yesterday. Today will be better than yesterday. It’s amazing that a burning orb of gasses in the sky can make us feel that way. And we don’t even have to see it ourselves – looking at a photo of a sunrise can incite that same feeling.

I recommend watching a sunrise, and I mean really watching it, whenever possible. See the way the colors change, the way the temperature rises slightly, how everything becomes more visible and the effect it has on you. I find them to be a very positive part of any day. I mean you never heard someone say “That sunrise is making me so angry” have you?


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