Another Monday

I’ve mentioned previously that I dislike the use of “Monday” as an oversimplification for things people don’t like in life. It’s usually their job and/or the people they work for/with. I was discussing this with the guy making my coffee this morning, Dave is his name, and I came up with a secondary thoughts on this topic.

I still think that if you don’t like your work environment that you’ll never like going back to work after a few days off. The “easiest” thing to do would be to change work environments. The reality is that isn’t always easy. And if you try to make a change career wish it usually results in a decrease in salary. For most people that is a problem because either a) You’ve grown accustomed to living a certain lifestyle that you don’t want to change or b) your economic status is already on the lower side and a decrease in salary just isn’t feasible.

So hopefully we can get to retirement and not have to worry about “Mondays” any more. But the thought of that also brings up the fears of not having enough personal wealth to live a happy retirement or the simple fact that you retire when you get older and no one likes the idea of getting older so we would rather not think about that.

My point is, no matter which way you look at it you can spin a negative web.

Or, you can try to make sure to do at least one thing every day that brings you joy and happiness. WIll that balance out all of the negatives? Possibly not, but every little bit helps.


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A self-made minus-millionaire.
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