Food Labels

So a few months ago I started being a bit more mindful about my eating habits when I reached ten pounds heavier than my “it’s unacceptable to go beyond this” weight. So during the week, while I’m at work, I switched to a mono-diet of eating a banana if I really felt hungry rather than eating at a predetermined time and at night I have a small dinner. On the weekends all bets are off and I eat whatever I want whenever I want and don’t worry about it. Monday I go back to the beginning.

This routine seems to work for me as I’ve lost around 18lbs slowly yet steadily (I also do small workouts and try to remain active in my daily life) and makes eating during the work week easy. If I feel hungry – I eat a banana.

So one day I was talking to a co-worker and she asked what time do I take lunch and the exchange went along these lines:

Me: I don’t really take lunch
Her: You don’t eat lunch?
Me: Not really.
Her: How can you not eat lunch?
Me: Well I bring in bananas and if I feel hungry I eat one.
Her: So you eat a banana for lunch?
Me: It’s not lunch. If I feel hungry I eat a banana. It could be early in the day.
Her: So for breakfast?
Me: No
Her: Then like a mid-morning snack?
Me: No. If I feel hungry I eat a banana. That’s it. Why do you feel the need to put a label on it?

When you stop and pay attention, you notice how habitual food is to many people: breakfast at a specific time, lunch at a specific time, afternoon snack at a specific time, dinner at a specific time. And I realized that’s why she struggled with the whole concept of only eating whenever you actually feel hungry.

Besides trying not to eat too late in the day I don’t really care when I eat. It is interesting however to observe the eating habits of others. It is quite a luxury to be able to say “It’s 12:30, I’m going to eat lunch” because there are many people who can’t. I feel that most people who can take food for granted and don’t really think about it at all.

Unless they’re dieting. Then all they do is talk (or write) about it.


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