The problem is…

I’ve been meaning to start writing again as a way to just get back into the rhythm of it. I have a lot of projects going on that require some from or another of writing and I’m just not great at doing that. I want to say it’s lack of discipline but I’m not sure if that’s really accurate. I have a big problem of writing in my head and then never transferring it to paper or computer and a bigger problem of editing while I write (which I’m currently fighting myself not to do as I’m typing) and an even larger problem of getting overwhelmed by all the things I want to do.

So this first post is nothing more than a total stream of consciousness rant just to get the first obstacle out of the way. I can only write the second thing after I’ve written the first. So the hope is that this will either be the catalyst that moves me along or the thing that opens the flood gate (and as I’m typing that it seems like the same thing but no self-editing allowed).

Only time will tell but at least this is done.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    “In the beginning was the Word”. Just read yours. Was pleasant. Just go on 🙂



    Le 30 mai 2018 à 13:14, A History of Stupidity a écrit :

    > >

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